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Lesbos is full of culinary experiences. Try all the locally made products.

The olives, the ouzo, the vegetables, the cheese, the yoghurt, the olive oil, the honey, the wine.

Taste it in your favorite restaurant or buy it for your own cooking.

Taxiarchis Mantamados



In Mantamados in the north-east of Lesvos you find the monastery of the Archangel Michael, Taxiarchis Mantamados.  The village of Mantamados also has several ceramics stores and you can buy freshly produced cheese. About 1,5 hours drive from Lesbosvilla.

Apis Fabricca

Apis Fabricca Apis Fabricca

In Mantamados you can find locally produced skin care products made from bee wax. Visit the store Apis Fabricca in the town center. 

Olive Oil


Our olives are used for the “Aegean Gold” olive oil, produced locally in Trigonas and wining awards all over the world.

Learn more about the family owned company, by clicking the link :


The Diamond


The Diamond restaurant in Melinda beach is on the waterfront and serves tasty Greek food.

Kremasti Bridge

A 16th century bridge north of Kaloni spanning the river Kakara. You can cross it by foot.

Ancient Sanctuary of Messa


The Temple of Messa outside Kaloni, from the 4th Century BC was dedicated to Zeus.

A very well preserved archeological site.

Ekklisia Krifti


At the chapel of Ekklisia Krifti behind Melinta Beach, there is a hot spring coming into the sea water.

It can be reached by boat or walking. Be prepared to drive a gravel road for 1,5 km and walk a gravel path for about 700 m.




Lesvos and Plomari is the home of ouzo.

You can visit the factory, an ouzo museum or you can just enjoy it in a glass !

Barbayanni Aphrodite is our favorite but don’t take our word for it, try different ones.



                                    We have found wild orchids on the compound 😊


The weather is still nice and because of a long warm summer we still swim in November !

Scuba Diving


You can go scuba diving when you are at Lesbosvilla. There are fish, octopus and dolphins in the waters around us.
For diving lessons and excursions in Plomari call +30 693 741 0668 or visit their website

Relax !


We don’t do much, here at Lesbosvilla 😊

Agios Isidoros


Our local beach Agios Isidoros has crystal clear water, sand and soft pebbles and has been voted among the best in Greece 🐠☀️🍉🏖



Agiasos is a village in the mountains known for its ceramics and carpentry. Now a days not all stores sell handmade work but you can easily spot the difference.
The village is nice and the old road to Plomari through the mountains is beautiful.


The view from the terrace this evening

Sarlitza Pallas


In Thermi on the east coast, the abandoned hotel “Sarlitza Pallas” that had its heyday in the 30s, still stands as a ghost of its former glory.
The thermal spa in the town shown on maps, is no longer in operation, but on the cobblestoned waterfront across the road there are nice lunch restaurants.

Hot Springs


The Hot Springs in Polichnitos has one of the hottest thermal baths in Lesbos ( 41 degrees when it reaches the pool ) If you have skin issues, aching joints or other ailments it’s the place to go ! After the bath order the homemade lemonade and buy scrubs and herbs to bring home.
The thermal bath is a little more than an hours drive on good roads, from the house. You can combine it with a visit to Agiassos and buy ceramics.
*** The place was closed when we revisited in July 2020, check if they have reopened***



Shopping in the small streets of Mytilini

Ypsilou Monestary

Ypsilou monestary is on a mountain top on the road to Sigri. The lush courtyard with flowers, herbs and peach trees is in stark contrast to the barren mountains outside the fortified walls.
The church is open for visitors as well as the museum with relics, old books and icons.



The saltpans at Kalloni is a favorit of birdlovers, where you can see flamingos and other exotic birds.

There are watchtowers where you can observe the birds and landscapes.

Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest


Sigri is on the west coast of Lesbos. It’s a little more than 2 hour drive through the different landscapes of the island, the olive trees, the salt pans at Kalloni and the barren mountains of the west. You should visit the Petrified Forrest Museum in Sigri, a very impressive modern museum. Try the earthquake simulator, made as a classroom !
We stay over night in Sigri to avoid a long day in the car.

Olive Wood House


At Olive Wood House just outside Mytilene you can find kitchen wear, toys and other things, all made from olive wood. Ask to come down and see the workshop.


In the almost deserted village of Milies in the mountains above Plomari, the church has been fully restored. On Aug 29 there is a annual celebration in the church

Local Beach


Sunset at the local beach, you can see from the house ☀️⛱🐠❤️

Hamam Mesagros


Lie down and relax at the hamam in Mesagros, to get that soft body holiday feeling.

Limonos Monestary

The monestary of Limonos just outside Kalloni is the largest and most important monestary in Lesbos. The library with books dating back to the 15 century has made it the intellectual center of Lesbos, through the ages.

Our own olive oil

When you stay at Lesbosvilla, we offer our own olive oil, harvested from the trees around the house, for your cooking and salad.
The trees get nothing but sunshine and rainwater. 😋

Panays Taverna

Panays Taverna has some of the best food in town. Ask what’s good today 😋
The restaurant is in a large garden full of olive, orange and lemon trees and
all the vegetables used in the kitchen. If you come in daylight ask if you can take a walk.
The restaurant is on the road between Agios Isiodores and Plagia.

Old Water Mill

For a quick stop on the way from Mytilene to Plomari, stop at the old water mill at Kanakis. Look for the sign on your right just outside Papados.

Home made bread

We are baking our own bread, with rosemary and thyme from the garden, our own olive oil and garlic. Yum !

Tarti Beach

On a hot day, the crystal clear water and soft pebbles of Tarti beach is a nice place be.

There are also restaurants and a coffee shop on the beach.

Melinta Beach

We enjoy Melinta Beach and Restaurant Psaros. Its on the other side of Plomari, drive past the harbour and follow the road for about 5 km.

Food !

Come and enjoy the delicious food. Lunch is served !

Agios Isidoros

Our local beach Agios Isidoros, is voted one of the best in Greece.

It stretches for over 1 km, and has soft pebbles and crystal clear water.

There are restaurants and cafes on the beach.

Beautiful Lesbos

The road road through the mountains from Plomari to Agiassos.

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